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手术能量使用基本原理模块 (FUSE™)手术能量使用基本原理模块 (FUSE™)

The Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE) program is designed to teach the safe use of surgical energy-based devices in the operating room, endoscopy suite and other procedural areas.

 SAGES gratefully acknowledges Medtronic for its generous educational grant in support of the FUSE didactic translation project.


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Online Lesson1. 模块0 - 介绍 -
Online Lesson2. 模块1- 电外科基本原理 -
Online Lesson3. 模块2 - 不良事件的机制和预防 -
Online Lesson4. 模块3 - 单极仪器 -
Online Lesson5. 模块4 - 双极仪器 -
Online Lesson6. 模块5 - 射频消融软组织 -
Online Lesson7. 模块6 - 内窥镜设备 -
Online Lesson8. 模块7 - 超声波能量设备 -
Online Lesson9. 模块8 - 微波能量系统 -
Online Lesson10. 模块9 - 用于儿科手术的能量设备 -
Online Lesson11. 模块10 - 能量系统与其他医疗设备的整合 -
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