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Safe Cholecystectomy Didactic ModulesSafe Cholecystectomy Didactic Modules

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With a focus on establishing a universal culture of safety in laparoscopic cholecystectomy, SAGES has developed a series of twelve web-based educational modules for practicing surgeons. The modules expand on basic LC safety concepts, and are the building blocks of a larger safe cholecystectomy education program. 


  1. Introduction (Online Lesson)
  2. Anatomy (Online Lesson)
  3. Pre-Op Assessment and Care (Online Lesson)
  4. Access (Online Lesson)
  5. Strategy of Dissection (Online Lesson)
  6. Identification of biliary anatomy (Online Lesson)
  7. Intra-op IOC (Online Lesson)
  8. Difficult Gallbladder (Online Lesson)
  9. Identification and Management of injury (Online Lesson)
  10. Judgment (Online Lesson)
  11. Post-Op Care (Online Lesson)
  12. Error Summary (Online Lesson)
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